Dudley MBC has two ‘Dementia Gateways’ situated in central and south Dudley Borough. They are Brett Young Centre and The Crystal Gateway.

These centres are working together with the hospitals in offering continuity of care for when a patient leaves the hospital and is mobilised back home to the community setting. Often in these situations, when a patient leaves hospital, the continuity of care is lost Working together in this way is significant.

The Service Users are benefitting from this new approach to the care and treatment of people with dementia as well as the high level of support that is offered to carers and family members

Crystal Gateway Service have reported that their recent investment in ‘RITA’ has created a very happy environment for their Service Users. They laugh as they singalong to group music sessions, karaoke and bingo and the armchair exercises are great for those who are a little more mobile. They are entertained, calm and stimulated during their visit. The staff have embraced the system competently and are working on building collages that allow the staff to learn more about the person and Life Books offering something of a legacy for their Service Users

The gateways support people diagnosed with dementia, their families and carers. They are staffed by people from Dudley NHS, the council’s adult social care team and work closely with ‘Alzheimer’s Society’ and the wider community.

The Gateways offer access to a wide range of support for a person living with dementia. It is intended that once an individual has been referred to a gateway, contact and support will be maintained indefinitely. The support offered focuses around three key areas;

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