Richmond Court Care Home is a 21 Bedroom Residential Care Home in the Heart of Dudley, West Midlands. We specialise in Dementia Care where all of our staff members have had full training and experience.

We like to offer Residents a family like environment by using regular and familiar staff members and fulfilling the Resident’s physical, social, cultural and intellectual need whilst respecting individual needs of privacy and dignity.

We found that a gentleman who has challenging behaviour and requires 1 to 1 care has shown significant benefits from using the system. When the gentleman is anxious and agitated his 1 to 1 carer will use the RITA system to engage in reminiscence activities with him such as photos and music by Elvis. Not only does the music and sing a long help with this particular gentleman, it also encourages other service users to join in and sing along. This gentleman is also high risk of falls due to his wondering and this is a good way to keep him engaged and interested in something.

We have found group games such as bingo work well with groups of service users.

Our residents have a nap in the afternoon, whist they are napping we put on the Relaxation Music with the aquarium background, we have found that they enjoy the background animations, as it helps them relax and go to sleep easier.

We have found the RITA system is beneficial on dementia service users, that will shout all day for family and friends. To help calm the residents we show them photos of their loved ones which helps to settle them and reduce agitation. Service users in groups of 2-3, also enjoy watching old films such as westerns and other old classics. They start to engage with each other and start to recall the old actors names and relevant music.

Mission Statement

Support adults with Physical and Mental disabilities to preserve and maintain their dignity, independence, individuality and enable them access to services that will enrich their Quality of Life.

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