North Cumbria Hospitals reduce falls by 76.9%


Who Cares about Falls?   RITA Does!

A harmed fall can cost the Trust upwards of £70K. However, I am strongly of the view that any fall causes harm! So, this was one of the many areas where we decided to place significant focus and how we can improve the patient experience for the elderly and particularly those living with dementia and reduce the risk to meet with our over-riding strategic aim of high quality, safe and effective service for our patients.

Having conducted a great deal of research into many different alternatives, we decided to try ‘RITA’.   This has been our additional resource and it has been powerful in stimulating the elderly patients on Elm C Ward. We noticed the falls rate on our other ward, Willow A had increased and as Falls Prevention Lead, quickly realised this was something we needed to address. We brought ‘RITA’ onto Willow A Ward, the change was significant.

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Building on Success: The Distraction Therapy – Library Service at Walsall The Manor Hospital


The Distraction Therapy Collection is a range of specialist equipment, including touch screen monitors and tablet computers provided by My Improvement Network. Healthcare professionals at Walsall use the equipment at point of care to distract and stimulate patients with dementia. In a successful collaboration between the Older Adults Mental Health Team, Dementia Support Team and Library and Knowledge Services, a unique online tracking system for the collection was created and is now managed by the library specialists.

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Charing Cross Hospital – Using RITA to help with Delirium


Having the opportunity to develop a clinically led piece of software that has emanated from co-designing with front line Clinicians from Imperial College Healthcare London, Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough City Hospital, Bradford Teaching Hospital and Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS, North Yorkshire has been a unique privilege.

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NHS Turns 70!


Everyone is celebrating the NHS turning 70!

Our trainer, Simon Bower, visited Trafford General Hospital, University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust on Thursday 5th July, to join in with the celebrations.

Whilst Simon was there, NHS nursing staff dressed up in old uniforms from the past 70 years. This picture shows how much the uniforms have changed over the past 7 decades.

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Overview of our Prevention of Delirium/Falls and Dementia Study Day at West Suffolk Hospital


Dr Stephen Dunn, Chief Executive, introduced the day, making a particularly strong point about the importance of getting to know the person, especially with the ageing population increasing, and so too the demands on the NHS. He talked about the importance of recognising delirium and the importance of continual education and further understanding on this subject, both trust-wide and nationwide.

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World Delirium Awareness Day


RCN Older People’s Forum Vicki Leah 14 Mar 2018

World Delirium Awareness Day provides us all with the opportunity to highlight that delirium is a medical emergency, but you can make a difference.

Today is World Delirium Awareness Day, an international effort to raise awareness of delirium among patients, carers, healthcare professionals, administrators and policy-makers.

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