This is our interpretation of the NHS well pathway for dementia.

  • Preventing Well

    Risk of people developing dementia is minimised


    • Reduce social isolation Technology facilitates group activity
    • Engagement Technology promotes interest and stimulation
    • Health Information The technology contains armchair exercises and massage techniques and guidance around validated information around nutrition and hydration
    • Prevention of delirium The technology is designed to support clinicians prevent delirium
    • Raise awareness The technology helps clinicians raise awareness of delirium in general and how to prevent delirium from happening and use the software in prevention
    • Reducing fallsSoftware provides stimulation through its plethora of activities and works on sleep awake patterns. Stimulated patients sleep better at night reducing the risk of harmed falls at night when often lighting and staffing is lower.
    • Reducing agency staff Patients are less agitated via the various activities and calmed negating the need for 1:1 Nursing
  • Diagnosing Well

    Timely accurate diagnosis, care plan, review with first year


    • Provide digital technology to support screening The technology can offer virtual visit to afford remote consultations
    • Communication aid The system can offer various communication aids from multi-lingual, post op (tracheostomy patients), regional content, both pictorial and media
  • Supporting Well

    Access to safe high quality health & social care


    • Supportive technologyThe technology is able to support Clinical resource through the provision of various activities that will create greater patient/carer interaction
    • Communication aidThe technology is a valuable medium in stimulating conversation between carer and patient around reminiscence tools/collage and life story building
    • Information/choiceThe technology provides Collage which is a collection of narrative and pictorial subjects that can record the patient's like, dislikes, interests, preferences and can help with the continuity of care around shift and changes in nursing care. The record provides a continuous circle of care
    • Provide medium for better patient/ carer interactionThe software builds relationship with staff and provides a platform to offer person centred care
    • Get Families involved to contribute to memories = reminiscenceLife Story Work connects family with their loved ones in hospital. The can contribute valuable information that is useful in helping to calm distressed patients when family members at not around
  • Living Well

    Live normally in safe and accepting communities


    • Maximising independenceThe technology is able to offer opportunities around choice and preferences
    • Bridging the gapThe technology allows them to record their past, present and future aspirations
    • Build/maintain relationshipsThe technology provides for families to become involved with activities and to also contribute remotely by sending photographs of holidays, special events for them to record and reflect upon
    • Community workingTo follow
    • Life story / Collage / PassportTo follow
  • Dying Well

    Die with dignity in the place of their choosing


    • Life story booksThe technology facilitates Life Story Books
    • Enhanced healing environmentThere are additional tutorials and appropriate massage
    • Reduce anxietyThe technology enhances the healing environment and provides pleasant music and sensory images within the system
    • Appropriate Touch/ Massage techniquesClinical Team offering appropriate massage techniques on the system
  • Education & Training

    Provide education and training using DRTS

  • Research

    Support research in practice.

  • Monitoring and evaluation

    Provide continued support whilst using our products. Collect data and provide detailed analysis and evaluation. Help showcase and promote good practice

  • Collaborative working

    Working closely with partners in care across the health sector . Using supportive technology to support and maximise independence , increase engagement, speedier recovery

  • Carers

    Involving and supporting carers in decisions of care and treatment , build and maintain relationships .

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