The opportunity of being able to work with our Clinicians in over 320 hospitals forms the essential platform of our business model. These synergies are the  disciplines that  influence the development of our technology through the daily feedback we receive from them. It allows us to respond to their needs by continuous improvement in our technology to take account of their ever changing requirements. This is then cascaded to them through our upgrades.

The Network comprises, clinical professionals from NHS Hospitals across the country and other like- minded people committed to the moral obligation of delivering high quality person-centred care for people with cognitive impairment. A significant priority for the NHS we have over 70,000 Users across the country.

The unacceptable situation facing people with dementia in hospital is their length of stay (LOS). Their stay in hospital is longer than that of people without dementia. They are vulnerable to potentially avoidable complications like dehydration and falls. They are also likely to be subject to re-admissions and delays in leaving hospital to allow them to return to their home and familiar surroundings. The network shares in the experiences of other Healthcare professionals in trying to alleviate this.

Benefits of using Reminiscence Technology:


  • It allows you to know the person and not the condition – the essence of person-centred care
  • Evidencing – Reduction in Falls
  • Improves Nutrition and Hydration
  • Reduces Length of Stay
  • Cost effective negating regular 1:1 TNR Nursing
  • Meets Infection Control requirements, Compact, Portable

  • Frees up valuable staffing resource
  • Triggers to unlock precious memories
  • Improves Patient/Carer Interaction
  • Connects Family with their loved one
  • Mood & Wellbeing Outcomes
  • Complies with regulatory requirements and evidences.