Privileged to be working with over 1000 care facilities across the UK

My Improvement Network evolved from humble beginnings that culminated around the care and desire to help a person in a care home with dementia.

That desire was personal because the person who had dementia was a family friend of the Founder of the Company.

Knowing this individual and how they had previously been able to spend their life, their career, their successes and their overall resourcefulness immediately impacted him and prompted his desire to challenge the status quo.

The belief that there must be something positive that could be done to enrich this person’s life and allow their time to pass in a much more qualitative way, became the challenge.

Over the past 15 years we have worked across the full spectrum of Health & Social Care including:

Acute, Mental Health, Community, Care Homes, CCG’s, Councils, Hospices, Charities and individuals

We have built up an extensive network of care professionals and clinicians who have contributed to the ongoing development and improvement of the RITA technology.

Privileged to be working with over 400 care facilities across the UK