We have helped reduced specialling costs at Bradford Royal Infirmary up to 164K within 1 year. Positive Implications for people with Delirium and severe Dementia.

Clinicians have long been feeling that individuals suffering from dementia or other similar cognitive impairments, needed more opportunity to engage with meaningful activities and entertainment. Staff at the hospitals have seen many positive outcomes since the dementia software was introduced. This has resulted in good qualitative and positive feedback

Hospital Benefits

  • Reduction in Falls
  • Reduced Length of Stay
  • Reduced re-admissions
  • Helps with Nutrition and Hydration
  • Purposeful Occupation
  • Useful as a Decision Tool in de-escalating problems
  • Promotes valuable Patient/Carer interaction
  • Helps reduce social isolation
  • Reducing agitation/calms and stimulates
  • Helpful in Stroke/Rehab/Renal Units
  • Helps with staff morale/retention/turnover
  • Back Office system providing usage information.
  • Valuable for CQC Audits.
  • Supports Quality Improvement Programmes.
  • Monitors Health & Wellbeing

Patient Benefits

  • Promotes person-centred care
  • Reconnects families with their loved ones
  • System capable of virtual visits offering calming when relatives leave the hospital
  • Relatives become involved and learn more about their relative
  • Provides triggers to elicit conversation
  • More interest around mealtimes helping with their nutrition and hydration
  • Less boredom
  • Opportunity to become involved in Group exercises and removing social isolation.
  • Helps with confidence and trust
  • Armchair exercises helping with overall health and wellbeing

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