"Rita is one of the best pieces of equipment we have ever had in the building. We would like to thank you for supplying it."



"Very valuable to the home. We only have the mini Rita but we are able to sync with the Smart TV for group activities which does improve the overall experience"



"We love Rita, wish we could have more units as its been a godsend especially through the pandemic"



"I feel that this system is very good and the fact that we don't have to rely on WIFI is an added bonus as our WIFI does not work all around the home. I feel that this is very easy to use and that once all the staff have been trained and feel confident in using this it will be a good thing for everyone"



"The vast range of activities has meant that we can offer a choice of distraction that we did not have before which has been a breakthrough in social experiences and meaningful activities"



"With one man in particular it had a major impact. It helped calm him down and enabled us to get to know him more. We use the exercises to start the day with wake up and shake up. We have one family member that has recorded her voice into the system and we play it each night to her husband... goodnight and God bless.... settles him off. We absolutely love it and it gives us another tool in our toolkit to get the most out of our residents. We would definitely recommend it"



"Rita is an exceptional addition to our enrichment programme"






"Probably one of the best things I have ever used in a nursing home such a variety to do with the residents giving them some purpose to their day"




"This is a fabulous piece of equipment which provides activity for any ability, independently and with support. There is something on the RITA for everyone"



"RITA still proves to be a popular piece of equipment that our customers are enjoying using"



"Rita is going to help engage residents who are bed bound, and stimulate those that have lacked motivation. It has already shown to be a success and intrigued the less engaging residents who enjoyed the games, and music"



"It's lovely to watch residents laugh at memories. Excellent investment and we could use in our residential unit if we had more units. One lady who is bed bound and end of life the portable units are fantastic to be able to provide a difference"



"The RITA system has had a positive impact on customers in this service and has made a huge difference to their daily life. Customers are able to use the system independently and can access the things they enjoy, music, films and games. We as a staff team have seen benefits of the RITA system with our customers as they have used it and can navigate to their preferred activity."



"Fantastic system and a real credit to our home"



"Having the Rita has been very essential to all our residents especially in the Gym and working with the therapy team and utilising the Rita"



"Very pleased with the outcomes for Residents and Rita has enabled individuals and Groups to improve wellbeing. A positive device with positive outcomes for individuals and Groups, reducing some risks where applicable and enabling and promoting independence and autonomy which in turn has a positive impact on stimulation, engagement and wellbeing."



"This is the first time I've used the system and I've found it really easy to use with a lot of choice. It gives the residents a wide range of activities to choose from"



"Good tool to use especially with our residents. They love the films and target it to what they like. It's lovely to watch residents laugh at memories. Excellent investment and we could use in our residential unit if we had more units. One lady who is bed bound and end of life the portable units are fantastic to be able to provide a difference "






"We have developed our own numbers call in the bingo and all the residents join in. Sing a long is brilliant and will join in with a dance. At lunchtime we use the spa music and it helps to calm the unsettled ones so they eat their meals. They watch the fish in the tank and love it and helps calm agitation"



"We feel really lucky [and blessed] to be able to use RITA with our residents as we can see that over the longer period, it will improve the type and standard of care we give our residents. we are so impressed with its simplicity as well"




"Rita has supported a customer who came to us as palliative care. It became clear very quickly that she was end of life. RITA made such a difference to her final days as she had favourite songs and we used to play them as staff used to sing a long. This made her smile and relaxed her. without this her experience would have been very different."



"Rita has been so useful whilst new residents have been in isolation. Its helps to reduce the anxieties of individuals. Watching the films and listening to the music definitely has a calming effect and helps settle in to gain the much needed rehab to get them home."



"we have found that the Rita systems have made a good impact on the home service users that have had a history of self neglect and isolating have now improved and willing to take part in activities also instigating the use of the system."



"RITA has been an excellent piece of Technology not just for anyone person for those who maintain Full Capacity but most definitely for those whom have a diagnosis with any form of Dementia. Thank you RITA."



"The RITA system has provided residents with an independent living by using this as and when they like choosing what to watch or listen to some play the games for long periods of time this helps relax them or take their minds off things"



"Rita has been beneficial to our home, it has increased engagement with staff and residents and engagement between residents themselves. It is used by residents individually as well as by residents and staff together. They enjoy all aspects of the rita i.e. whack a mole is a strong favourite of ours, as well as the colouring and the movies. We also use Rita to play bingo, usually once a week, this is beneficial to us as the residents are able to see the numbers called with ease and it makes the game more engaging overall."



"A blind gentleman loves the Jamaican music, a lady with no speech loves elvis, tin can alley has been a hit. The hymns section has been a great addition during lockdown as our residents have missed going to church. A lady with advanced dementia loves the relaxation session and playing the piano. planning sessions for Christmas. Reminiscence session was really helpful. Ascot day was fun with horse racing in our homemade hats and a cheeky bet.."



"RITA is enjoyed by all and has been brilliant for our residents."



"Thank you for brilliant system now residents can enjoy more group activities."



"We really enjoy the RITA system and helps staff especially when they are busy to put on a activity and keep coming back to individuals."



"This has shown good interaction our residents communicate with each other choosing what they want on there. If someone does not sleep, we put a film on there for them to watch."



"We are so grateful to have RITA."



"The RITA system is an extremely useful and effective tool"




"We are so pleased to have the RITA system within our home, it has been invaluable at times where we have needed to use it for challenging behaviour episodes. The system also plays a part in our end of life care delivery using the music function or reminiscence function that relatives are able to use."



"The vast range of activities has meant that we can offer a choice of distraction that we did not have before which has been a breakthrough in social experiences and meaningful activities"



"We have had the RITA in place in Pen-Y-Garth for some time now, it is clear to see that it is enjoyed by all during one-to-one activities along with group activities. It is refreshing to see those engage in activities and with others who do not normally.

The RITA puts a smile on everyone’s faces and we often hear huge cheers and lots of laughing coming from the communal areas of the home when it is being used. Visiting professionals and family members have commented in the past about the residents being alert and engaging which has improved their personal visits and the response they get from their loved one during the visit.

From a care perspective, there have been marked improvements on different aspects of care that are overseen by analysis such as falls, medication and mental health / presentation. Since the RITA has been in place, we have seen a marked improvement in the falls data analysis, residents are now completely occupied, stimulated and settled during the day which has decreased the amount of residents who ‘wander with purpose’, we have been able to change the personal falls risk assessments to reflect these changes and implement the information into the care plan of how to ensure the resident is settled and how to minimise anxieties by using the RITA.

Residents have had their antipsychotic medication reviewed and we are very pleased that this medication is now used minimally in the home with very little people currently prescribed any sort of antipsychotic medication. The RITA has been used to successfully minimise anxieties and agitation which has resulted in de-escalation of potential problems in the environment and given staff the knowledge and confidence to use the RITA for residents who struggle with presentation due to their mental health diagnosis.

It is lovely to also see those residents use the RITA who are unable to access the communal areas due to mobility and illness, to see them enjoying the relaxation apps and music and engaging in sensory activity giving them a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Overall, we would recommend the RITA to any health and social care setting in the country, this is a fantastic piece of equipment which suits every person we support due to the person-centred profiles and the wide variety of available apps.

The RITA has improved quality of life, mental health, and wellbeing especially during the pandemic where residents have been unable to see their loved ones for so long, potentially putting them at risk of decline in mental health and wellbeing. "