Communication problems can occur in a wide variety of situations across all health & social care settings and can be distressing for service users and staff alike.  Barriers to communication can be linked to a wide variety of factors including:

  • Learning difficulties
  • Memory impairments such as Dementia
  • Mental Health issues
  • Stroke
  • ITU (Intubation)
  • Language (non english speakers)

CAT stands for Communication Assistance Tool. It is a 10 inch touch screen device which enables staff to quickly and easily communicate with non verbal service users and non-english speakers on the fly. The device incorporates two innovative applications to aid communication.

The first is called 'Hear me': 

  • Communicate with non-verbal service users using common categories, sentences, questions and phrases
  • Communicate using pictures for non-literate service users
  • Communication is in both audio and text formats
  • Translate on the fly. With over 20 different languages for non-English speakers
  • Have a conversation by typing in your own text

The second application is called 'Show me where it hurts':

  • Allows non-verbal services users to describe by touching parts of a virtual body where they are experiencing pain
  • Uses a Traffic light system: Hurts a little - Hurts quite a bit - Hurts a lot

These applications do NOT require internet access to work, it is not wifi dependent which means that you will never be affected by network outages or 'dead spots'.

An additional benefit of CAT is that Video calling is available on the device including TEAMS, Skype, Zoom and Google. For service users who can communicate this will allow for communication with family members. (Internet access is required only for video calling)

Also available:

Access the pre-hospital communication app developed by Welsh Ambulance: The Welsh Ambulance Service Communication App

Access the Hospital Communication Book: The Hospital Communication Book

An ideal solution for staff across ALL services including:

A&E, ITU, hospital wards, stroke rehab, ABI, LD, Childrens services, assessment units, day services and care homes etc

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