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Rehabilitation & Interactive Therapy Activities

Delirium is a serious condition involving severe confusion and changes of behaviour. Many conditions can cause delirium such as the physical environment, infection, fever or medication side effects. Although delirium can occur anywhere, it is more likely to happen when children are in the hospital. It is usually temporary and reversible when the underlying condition is treated. When a child or teenager is delirious, they do not act like themselves. It can be very frightening to both the child and parent.

RITA has been evidenced to enhance children’s quality of life and wellbeing in the hospital environment. Hospitals are scary places, and for children even more so. RITA Kidz has been added to the RITA portfolio of products to support carers and their young patients. Stress and anxiety can significantly affect the recovery of patients, in particular long term rehabilitation patients. RITA Kidz will contribute positively to the recovery of younger patients.

"RITA has been hugely welcomed across our hospitals; she is a very valuable member of our team on many of our wards. We are actively exploring whether we can have more particularly within children's services - a legacy from Noah's experience." 


Jennie Negus Deputy Chief Nurse

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Meet Noah

"Bringing RITA to ULHT was one of my finest moves and it’s great that she is still being used and used well." Jennie Negus Deputy Chief NurseUnited Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust


RITA helps to save a childs life in A&E

"Every day, I get comments and I am told stories about how it has helped. It has an unpredicted use in many settings." Dr Tanya de Weymarn - Consultant Emergency Medicine. Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS FT 


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