The Challenge

Staff working at the hospital have long been feeling that the individual’s suffering from dementia or similar cognitive impairments needed more opportunities to engage with meaningful activities and entertainment.

The Solution

We have seen other hospitals in Wales using this initiative with positive outcomes and decided to embrace this technology to help address those challenges. The importance of the provision of ‘meaningful activities’ was key.

Our Wards have been seeing higher levels of wellbeing since the introduction of My Improvement Technology Tool.

Using technology to give our staff the tools to offer meaningful activity results in increased well-being.

Dementia Care Mapping – This was a project that we decided to undertake at The Heddfan Unit supported by the My Improvement Network Technology.

Dementia Care Mapping is an observational tool that examines the levels of ill-being and well-being. The staff interactions are assessed as displaying positive person work or malignant social psychology. These results are then fed back to staff and recommendations are provided. The ‘Mood and Engagement’ coding allows us to see that it is not possible to define someone’s overall level of well-being by just observing
them for five minutes. Within a five minute time frame a participant’s mood state is observed alongside their level of engagement. Over the period of the whole map a general picture can be built of a person’s relative well-being or ill-being by drawing together the information that has been collected.

The value of preserving the personhood of the person with dementia is paramount

Download our Dementia Care Mapping Case Study