Reminiscence Interactive Therapy Activities

Our system can reduce falls, specialling, LOS, and improves patient experience whilst reducing costs.

We have been developing dementia software for the elderly since 1990 and are leaders in solutions for patients at high risk of falls, those with dementia and mental health conditions. Our software RITA (Reminiscence Interactive Therapy Activities) is currently in over 422 hospitals. The feedback received from our clinicians forms the basis of our ongoing software development. This is then released via complimentary upgrades to all our clients.

Supporting staff to prevent falls and keeping dementia patients safe

Offering significant benefits to clinical outcomes

Our therapy software is aimed at offering support for older people as a means of supporting them and reducing their agitation, isolation, depression and delirium. It has been positive in reducing harm, including:

  • Reduced Falls by 49.65%
  • Reduced Specialing (1:1) BY 71% E.G. 1 Trust (4 Wards) Saving Yr.1 £164K
  • Software supports dementia care mapping
  • Significant reduction in anti-psychotic medication
  • Reduced LOS
  • Dramatically increased patient experience
  • Significant improvements in patients with dementia that are unable to sleep
  • Supports dignity, respect and wellbeing for those patients at the end of life
  • Clinically led, improving the quality of patient-centered care
  • Improved Family & Friends results
  • Reductions in in-patient bed days
  • Improved interaction between carers and patient, and relatives and patient

We have implemented RITA in more than 422 hospitals throughout the UK. These include Acute Hospitals, Mental Health Trusts, Community Hospitals, Care Homes & Day Centres.

My Improvement Network are committed to investing in education for health care professionals and are proud supporters of RCN Projects.

My Improvement Network
My Improvement NetworkThursday, May 23rd, 2019 at 9:50am
“RITA is so easy to use, I love it and we’re using it in another bay right now. The patients love it too. Yesterday a patient cried talking about her past (in a nice way) whilst using RITA to prompt those memories and then another song came on and it made her so happy. They were using the fishing app on it too. It sent one patient who can be quite fidgety to sleep and really relaxed another. The physios are going to use it for group sessions too; they think it's a great idea. I think we could do with another one as they're using it in Bay 1 now. I enjoy being a DJ for the ladies.” comments a staff member from Ward 15 at North Tyneside General Hospital. #dementiauk #dementiaawareness #dementia #NHS #patients #hospitals #nhsengland #AdmiralNurses
My Improvement Network
My Improvement NetworkTuesday, May 21st, 2019 at 1:49pm
“It's lovely to see the patients using RITA; we all join in with it. It brightens everyone's day and the patient's faces light up when we use it.” comments a staff member from North Tyneside General Hospital #dementiauk #dementiaawareness #dementiauk #dementia #NHS #patients #hospitals #nhsengland #falls
Friday, May 24th, 2019 at 12:15pm
Steven Marshall, Director of strategy and transformation, Wolverhampton clinical commissioning group. Joint dementia strategy @WolvesCouncil https://t.co/jI44V9y1W5
Friday, May 24th, 2019 at 12:14pm
David Watts, director of adult services, city of Wolverhampton council, informing us on the joint dementia strategy for Wolverhampton. @WolvesCouncil https://t.co/uuWfHuZhGv

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Applications of digital reminiscence therapy – Charlton Lane Hospital – 2gether NHS Foundation Trust

Applications of digital reminiscence therapy – Charlton Lane Hospital – 2gether NHS Foundation Trust

A proprietary piece provided by the Authors on their experiences of using less traditional interventions ( RITA) as a means of engaging and generating interest across a diverse mix of inpatients at the hospital. The results have demonstrated reduced incidence of aggression, resulting in happier patients and therefore affording a tool for ongoing engagement.

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My Improvement Network are committed to investing in education for health care professionals and are proud supporters of RCN Projects

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