Dementia is a growing problem, with the growing population and people living longer, dementia is one of the world’s greatest health care issues.

The prevalence within the UK is 850, 000, the economic costs associated are estimated at 23 billion per year, predicted to triple by 2040, (NHS England 2017 Article).

Across the NHS there has been a drive to improve care and services for older adults. The CQC cracks in the pathway report (2014) summarised visits across several hospital sites, stating that care was variable across services. Age UK 2016 warned with the raising population, current service provision across the NHS and social services would not be able to cope.

The Prime ministers challenge 2020 set its precedence as wanting the country to be the best place in the world for dementia care and support for families and carers. In 2016 the prime minister’s 2020 implementation plan summarised its actions for 2018-2020 renewing its focus on creating dementia-friendly health and care settings.